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Moses complete elixir hair care

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Moses Complete Smoothing elixir hair care line will leave your hair healthy, smooth and virtually frizz free. Using a hand selected mix of traditional Moroccan oils and extract Moses hair line will hydrate and repair your dry or damaged hair. Moses smoothing elixir line is dermotologist approved to be paraben and sulfate free and can be used everyday if needed. 
Hair Frizz Control


Complete Smoothing hair Frizz Control Products


Moses’ complete hair care package turns tedious hair care into a complete pampering experience. You will get a fantastic deal on all of our organic hair frizz products when you purchase them in a bundle! Investing in Moses’ shine hair products package means that you will have the very best anti-frizz products at your fingertips at all times. Nobody in the Bethesda region knows more about proper frizzy hair care than the experts at Moses’ hair salon; we can help you find the most effective frizz control styling products for your particular hair type! After you’ve experienced the luxury of our top of the line Argan oil treatment, you’ll wonder why you ever wasted time and money on any other hair relaxing methods!


Moroccan oil frizz control products


Argan oil products are some of the most effective agents in relaxing otherwise difficult curly locks. While untamed, curly hair can be beautiful thing, everyone wants to be able to tame his or her hair when the situation calls for it. Using our complete selection of Moroccan oil frizz control products, you will always be prepared when your hair simply doesn’t want to cooperate! The vitamins and minerals present in our line of smoothing hair care products are essential to the overall health and body of your hair. In order to prevent future damage to your beautiful locks, it’s best to use only the best professional hair straightening products available such as Moses’ smoothing hair elixir products!


The old saying that “the grass is greener on the other side” holds true for hair as well; we all want what we don’t have! If you have had curly or frizzy hair all your life, chances are you’ve wished for perfectly straight locks at some point. Moses can help you realize your dreams of straight, soft and silky hair by using any of our protective and nourishing hair products! We recommend using Moses’ shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair three to four times a week to order to achieve the maximum hair relaxing effects. Combined with the regular use of our frizz control shampoo, a weekly application of our soothing hair mask will do wonders for your unruly hair!

Hair Frizz Control Service
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Hair Frizz Control Service